Where to Start to Start Investing in Precious Metals and Gold

By | July 31, 2017

Investment in precious metals has always been very reliable option for the people who target long-term profits.The very first thing comes into our mind is Goldwhen think of precious metals. Essentially, gold is one of the earliest metals found by human, and became highly valuable due to it is attractive look and rare existence.
The other reason of why people was quickly obsessed about the gold;throughout the history currencies lost its value, overprinted or artificiallymanipulated by the people or the governments. However, the gold has well protected itself from the economical fluctuations, and time effective depreciation. Many societies in history produced gold coins and used as currency in their daily life.People are still trusting gold coins, and gold bullions as the reliable investment tool in the long term.
Ok we don’t want to talk about today the history of the gold, let’s jump into our topic.

Where to start buying Gold as a reliable source of investment?

Before you invest in gold, there are a few things that you should know so that you make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.  The first thing that is essential is  the gold you purchase should be credible and liquid. Credibility means the gold bars or coins you invest is legit and of very high quality.
You wouldn’t want to be holding on to fake gold, now would you?
Liquidity means the gold can easily be sold in any part of the world. This is an important factor to consider as you might want to sell it in the future. Thus, having a type of gold that is readily acceptable by the market is a great way to start.
You should also consider the type of gold that you want to buy; has it been made by the government mints or the private mints (gold rounds). Both platforms offer high quality gold bullions and bars so the choice is yours. Whichever option you prefer, ensure that you have conducted extensive research. When you are buying gold bullions from private mints or refineries, you only have the assurance of the quality of the gold from your suppliers.
In short, you do not have the assurance of the government. That is why some people prefer to buy gold bullions from government-owned facilities because of the guarantee that they have over the private refineries.

How to plan investing in Gold so that you keep the risks at the minimum level?

Whether you plan to buy gold from a dealer or online, you should conduct massive research.
You would not want to lose all your money, would you?
The best starting point for your research is the internet as it has numerous information from different sources including professionals. Let us not forget the information from people who have had experiences when they were buying their gold for the first time is also at your disposal. I know that it sounds obvious but sometimes we just have to be reminded of the obvious.
As you carry out your online research, you can look up the bullion dealer’s name and determine whether the dealer is legit or not. If the dealer has negative reviews, then you had better start looking for another dealer or another way to buy the gold.
There are some occasions when the private companies supply coin blanks to the government mints. Therefore, sometimes it is not easy to identify the gold that has been made by the government from the one made by the private sector companies.
The market for precious metals is highly competitive. I cannot stress the stringent tests that are conducted on the gold to ascertain their quality. Thus, it comes as no surprise when some gold is rejected by potential buyers because of the poor quality.

What is the best specific time raising cash for the ownership of the Gold?

The answer of this question is anytime and every time possible. There is no exact prediction that one can make and state that at a certain period, then the price of gold would be low and thus, it is the perfect time to buy massive amounts of gold.
Most people do not know whether they should buy gold coins or gold bullions. The truth is that the choice rests upon you. However, you should consider certain factors for instance the time duration that you are planning to hold on to the gold, how you plan to store it and the Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Before, investing in goldbe sure of exactly how much you will be investing. I am not talking about taking all of your investments and putting it all in gold. How about buying a reasonable amount and see how the new investment works for you? Hey, don’t jumpinto the middle of the ocean without having the knowledge of swimming. The trick in investing is starting little by little.

What are the options to safely store Physical Gold Investment

Being able to have physicalpossession and control of your gold bullions is one of the advantages of owning gold that is at hand rather than the one that is online. I know what you are thinking; how do I store my gold? You can store it in any way and in any location that you want. It all comes down to your preference. Do you prefer keeping it in a safe? Then go for it. Keep in mind that gold is very valuable so you might want to consider the safety of your gold and hence, it is imperative that you take precautions as you decide where you want to keep the gold. Some of the avenues that you can look into are bank safety deposit boxes, allocated storage, home safe among other options. Keep in mind that before you decide the avenue that you will use in storing your gold bullions, you have to assess the pros and cons of each option and find the one that suits you best. Most people prefer to store their gold in allotted storage. Remember that even the allotted storage option has its pros and cons and that maybe, it might not be the perfect fit for you.
Remember, there are a lot of risks in the gold business but the profits can be very fulfilling. How and when you decide to buy and sell the gold is a personal decision. However, remember to spread your gold purchases so that you have some sort of diversification when it comes to gold investment.
Research will keep you and your investments safe.

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