10 Big Reasons Why You Should Own Gold

1. The dollar is in steep decline. The current White House administrationwants a weak dollar to help U.S. exports. No development is more positive for gold than a weak dollar policy. Worldwide, the sentiment is changing toward the U.S. Dollar. The weak U.S. Dollar has been trading at record lows against a strong Euro. But… Read More »

When to Buy Gold

Investing in gold is one of the best choices that you can make. Knowing when to buy gold is the tricky part. You can either hit the jackpot when buying gold or incur huge losses. Some people know when to invest in gold and they have been rewarded with massive amounts of profit. A bit… Read More »

The demand rates of Gold bullions in world countries

In past few years, the demand of gold bullions among different world countries has considerably raised high. From starting of this decade, the central banks of different countries have started buying gold instead of selling it. Due to this trend, in 2016, the demand for gold has reached 4,308.7 tons by an increase of 2%.… Read More »

Where to Start to Start Investing in Precious Metals and Gold

Investment in precious metals has always been very reliable option for the people who target long-term profits.The very first thing comes into our mind is Goldwhen think of precious metals. Essentially, gold is one of the earliest metals found by human, and became highly valuable due to it is attractive look and rare existence. The other… Read More »